Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day Results

Touchmines was only released yesterday at 3pm, but the response has been amazing! I've already had over 4000 downloads on the first day alone! One thing that struck me was the lack of downloads from the foreign markets relative to the english speaking countries like the US, Canada, and Great Britain.

If you're an iPhone developer, you really need to keep in mind the global audience you're releasing to. My next major step is to localize the product descriptions into as many languages as possible, as well as either localize the app or eliminate the text entirely. I'd rather just use icons for the whole interface, as it reduces the amount of work required for localization and is hopefully more elegant for everyone.

Now I just need to find people willing to translate a few paragraphs into their native language for a beer or two, and maybe ask some experienced developers about their own localization processes. I'm most afraid of using symbols or colours that would be seen as distasteful or unlucky in a foreign culture, since I'm a fairly sheltered north american!


Anonymous said...

Very good game and good idea to develop an iphone version. But please. Those little square are so small that I often miss the one I wanted to reveal and touch a mine. Make next version a little bigger.
For your information, i'm a french user.

Jason Kurczak said...

Thanks for the feedback! There will probably be a variable zoom option in one of the next updates.

Jean-Loup Castaigne said...

Great work. Great idea to have the automatic zoom while revealing or flagging a cell. A bit difficult to use in the corners : maybe a wider area including a part out of the board might help